May 14, 2017

Project Discovery Alumnus – Class of 2013

When a song is first created it has only two factors: a tempo and lyrics. The tempo is a pulsing beat which breathes life into the piece; the lyrics, a philosophy turned into simple terms for the average human being. The lyrics must work together to give birth to the melody which help the rest of the song blossom. In the song of my life, there are many artistic twists and turns; but in the beginning I was a handful of lyrics, longing for a tempo, a pulse, or a purpose. I lacked substance which made me just a bunch of words. It was not until I joined the Office of Human Affairs Project Discovery, a tempo full of success, love, hard work and compassion that my songs began to merge or come together. This course did not happened overnight but it was a result of Project Discovery instilling a note in me called “opportunity.”
As a beat in the Project Discovery tempo. The note of “opportunity” became a major component of my song. My freshman year of high school, due to Project Discovery’s community influence, my friend and I were selected to speak at the Newport News Police Department regarding “Anti -- Snitch” and its effect on teenagers in the community. A few months later, as a result of being a part of the Project Discovery tempo, I was selected as a Student Board member for the Youth Volunteer Corps, a local organization geared towards helping young people make a difference in the community. This was all made possible due to Project Discovery investing time in my melody. Amazingly not only did Project Discovery invest time in my melody, but also they kept my song from being destroyed when everything in my life seemed to have been falling apart.
From January 2012 to July 2012, my mother and I had become homeless. We lived in over 10 places during that time frame. With the help of Project Discovery, I was able to keep my song in the correct key and make beautiful music. The perfect example of Project Discovery’s fine tuning and providing hope was in our 2012 Spring Break Trip. During this time my mother and I were staying with my grandmother due to lack of funds. My spirits were down and I was losing my need for my song to be completed. Once I went on the trip to Washington DC, my song was fine – tuned by laughter, friendship, learning, and love. Being able to help with the songs of my fellow classmates also aided me in keeping my song intact. Events such as this show how Project Discovery has touched the notes, songs, and melodies of my life.
Currently I am a freshman at Hampton University majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Music. My grade point average is a 3.52 and I have made the Dean’s List. This would not have been possible without the Project Discovery Academic Scholarship, the OHA Book Scholarship, their support and guidance. I am forever grateful.


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