March 1, 2018

Lindsey Cooper, Project Discovery Alumni

Lindsey Serena Cooper was born on November 9, 1989 to Celia Louise and Curtis Cooper. Lindsey is the second oldest of four daughters and was raised in Newport News, VA. As a young child, Lindsey was very talented in neighborhood sports and in the arts. Over the course of her childhood, she taught herself how to play and read piano music. Lindsey also was involved in the HRCAP Project Discovery Program, which played a great deal in her journey into college.  Thinking back Lindsey stated, “Project Discovery has contributed so much to where I am. I stayed faithfully after school with Mrs. Miller and drowned her and the speakers with questions on what college was like and if they thought I could be successful.”

 A Project Discovery college visit to Howard University during Lindsey’s senior year in high school had completely changed her life. It was then that Lindsey decided Howard University was the college for her.  At the University, she participated as a Radio Hip Hop personality for WHBC radio station. Lindsey also served as an active and enthusiastic mentor for Howard University’s America’s Promise. She served as the Student Leader for Baptist Student Ministries while completing her studies in Legal Communications and at the same time serving her commitment to the Army ROTC program.

 While serving in the ROTC program, Lindsey took great pride in learning the craft of what it takes to become a successful Army Officer. No matter what obstacles came Lindsey’s way, she faced them head on and weathered the storm all the way.  Through her Army ROTC experience, Lindsey gladly says, “I have learned so much from being a part of this program. Being a part of the Bison Battalion has definitely prepared me for the ups and downs I may face as an officer in the United States Army.” Lindsey is very grateful for her close-knit battle buddies that she has made along her journey. “Their encouragement made facing the rain a little less stressful because we sat in the tents in the rain; together.”

 Currently, Lindsey serves as a Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Newport News and was commissioned into the United States Army Reserves as a Platoon Leader for the 424th Transportation Company in Ft. Story, VA. Lindsey Cooper is the first commissioned military officer in her family as well as a first generation college graduate. “I look forward to serving my country whole heartedly as an Army Officer. I also look forward to the mentorship as well as making a positive difference in my soldiers’ lives and to being inspired as well as inspiring others.”

 “HRCAP Project Discovery showed me that it was possible. I am truly grateful for the mentorship and guidance from the organization and I dedicate myself to helping someone as much as they helped me.”


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