RISE (Match Savings Program)

Whole Family Approach Innovation Lab, 1919 Commerce Drive, Suite 110, Hampton, VA 23666
Detailed Information

Service Area: Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton

Program Description: Community members may qualify for Matched Savings Accounts with Individual Development Accounts, helping them to save for homeownership, transportation acquisition, pursuing post-secondary education, small business ownership, or achieving self-efficiency through matched savings and training. Eligible participants receive training, support, and match funding on their savings. For every $1 a participant saves, they receive a $8 match for up to $4,000 in match!

Eligibility Requirements :

i. Must be a current TANF, TANF-VIEW, or TANF-UP recipient AND referred by the local VDSS.

NOTE: Both parents in a TANF-UP household are eligible to participate in the program as long as all RISE eligibility requirements are met.

ii. At least 18 years old.

iii. A US Citizen or legal alien.

iv. A Virginia resident.

v. Savers must have earned income from full-time, part-time wages or self-employment.

vi. Saver must have the ability to deposit at least $25 per month.


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