May 14, 2017

HRACP Project Discovery Success Story - Jerod D. Smith

We become so that others can become has been my motto for years. As I look back on what has contributed to my success today, The Project Discovery Program comes to mind. I entered the program while in middle school and continued until High School. Project Discovery contributed to my success in many ways by providing me the guidance to become an educated and distinguished gentleman. Project Discovery was more than just a program, but an adventure and a teacher that cared. I always wondered how the program’s director Mrs. Hermelinda Miller put up with so many kids. She was a tough, but gentle lady who positively influenced and shaped many young students to pursue higher education. I enjoyed the different workshops through the program as well as the college trips we attended. No one ever took me on a trip to college except for Project Discovery and I’m very grateful for the experience because they took the time out to really care and help me make decisions in my life that were beneficial to my future.
There were great things in store for my future as I progressed in life through the help of Project Discovery. My first achievement was receiving the President’s Award at Hampton High, for outstanding leadership and being a model student. From there I graduated in the top 5% of my class and went to college. Obtaining my college degree was a great success for me, but my family as well. After completing college I went to Theology School and obtained a Bachelor’s in Ministry and a degree in Child Psychology. Now I am in school again furthering my education in leadership and management. I have positively influenced many young people through my church, at different schools and in my community to stay in school. I’ve volunteered with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, worked with the youth at my job and helped with the United Way. Currently I am a motivational speaker specializing in developing our young people, a licensed minister motivating others on a daily basis to become a better person in life and I have started my own company helping others to achieve success through business and life coaching.
I will never forget who helped me to become who I am today. Project Discovery will always be that source of caring, motivating and educating others to progress in life.


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